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PoT Claims

>Claims accepted<

Prince of Tennis Claims!
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Made by xichigox
pot_claims is <3

Welcome to PoT Claims, where you can claim anything Prince of Tennis! Yes, meaning from characters to items, and even to songs and episodes! And all this includes tenimyu and rajipuri as well. ^_~

But with all communities, here comes the rules:

1) Only one person per claim. So claims are on a first come first served basis. No flaming others who claimed it before you did.

2) There's lots of tenipuri to go around, so say... 3 claims per person? Anyone who contributes to the community gets extra claims (number of extra claims depends on the contribution).

3) The only thing you can't claim would be the main anime and manga itself, because that wouldn't be fair. (eg 'Could I please claim the series Tennis no Oujisama?' is not allowed.)

4) When you claim a character, you claim him or her for the anime, manga, and musical. So if someone has already claimed Ryoma, another person can't claim 'Echizen from tenimyu'. Get it? >_<
However, you can claim Endo Yuya or Minagawa Junko even if Ryoma has already been taken. Seiyuus and musical actors are different from characters.

5) Please post in the community when asking for a claim, and not in the comments of a previous entry.

6) Please check the claims list for claims already taken before claiming. A good way is to use the Find function (ctrl + F) to see if what you want is already listed in the claims list.

7) If you would like to change/give up your claims, use up your pending claim, or are switching your claims to another journal, please inform the mod by posting in a new entry. Please also state what your previous claim was when doing so.

8) Please use the respective headings when claiming. (eg: Ask for 'Band: Aozu' and don't just ask for 'Aozu', as it could also mean the drink.)

Moderator: mistyfox

If you don't like anything about the community, or have any problems whatsoever (like if you don't understand the rules or would like to clarify them), you can drop a comment in mistyfox's LJ or just post in pot_claims.

We apologize in advance if the claims list isn't updated punctually or if it takes a while for us to respond to questions. We're both very busy with schoolwork at the moment, but we'll try our best! ^_^;

Okay, go claim, and have fun! (:



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